Cardinal in a tree

The ol’ one legged perch

Heads up, the full size version of this one is just over 5 megs. Mobile viewers you’ve been warned.

We made it over a week without any bird shots, and then Chuck had to go and start things up again. Classic Chuck.

With clear skies and warm streets, it feels good to be wandering around. Starting this project in January meant any outdoor excursion was met with an attitude aligned with getting the job done as quickly as possible in order to retreat back into warmth of home. Now we can wander around as long as we want, in pleasant comfort.

Like Chuck, I am in search of some hawks in the area in hopes of getting some nice snaps. Also like Chuck, I have insofar been thoroughly hawk-blocked. Still, the journey continues. During the fruitless adventure, I did happen to come across a group of cardinals that may very well be the same posse from many weeks before. This time the missus was a bit more comfortable with getting close to me, so I decided to give her some attention.

I used my 150-600mm lens zoomed to 460mm, shooting at 1/320 of a second with an f9 aperture and ISO 500.

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