Escada bottle

Sweet sweet discontinued goodness.

If there is one lesson learned today, it’s that my apartment is dusty, and no amount of dusting, wiping, or sweet talking is going to change that, so let’s just accept it and move on. I wanted to try a product shot kind of deal that is a bit different from my normal “Thing on white background”. I didn’t end up straying too far though. I looked through my cologne cabinet to try and find a bottle that resonated with me. In the back I saw my bottle of Escada Magnetism, which I think I’ve forgotten about entirely since I moved in a year ago. I’ve enjoyed wearing this one on cool nights, and like my Yohji Yamamoto Homme, has been discontinued and is difficult to track down.

Oh snap!

While looking for a link to refer to Yohji Homme, I just discovered that they relaunched his line in 2013! The sadness over not having the last drops of a dying scent are overpowered by the fact that I can go buy a fresh bottle of Yohji Homme, and it looks like they kept the same formula!

Erm… back to photography. Point is, I like Magnetism, like the bottle, and figured I would take a picture of it. I wanted to have more than just the bottle, but couldn’t find anything in the apartment that felt right accompanying it. I may have to consult Lauren for decorative advice on my arrangements going forward.

Even though I tried my best to clean it, by the time the shot was ready, there was dust all over the black plexiglass. Since this was more of a practice for concept/testing, I’m not going to spend time doing post work on it.

If I did it, here's how it happened.

If I did it, here’s how it happened.

  1. SB 700 Flash in an Apollo softbox to provide the main light.
  2. SB 600 Flash with a Snoot to give a pit of extra light on the logo.
  3. SB 600 Flash with a colour gel, diffusion gel, and honeycomb grid to give the backlight.
  4. Rarely used reflector with the white cover on to serve as unintentionally wrinkly backdrop.
  5. Cover of Lauren’s sewing machine as a makeshift reflector to add a white block to the right of the bottle cap.
  6. A duster that tried its best, but was ultimately defeated.

I would have liked to have some more light hitting from the right side to separate the bottle from the surface, but was pretty well out of resources at this point.

Because it hasn’t gotten much love lately, I used my 50mm prime lens for this shot.  It was taken at 1/125 of a second with an f6.3 aperture and ISO 100. The main light and snoot were equal power, and the background light was actually about double that.

I need to dust more, iron that reflector, and find a Canadian supplier of the new Yohji Yamamoto line.

2 thoughts on “March 12 – Jamie

  1. Luckily for you, the peanut butter and jelly smudges on my iPad allowed me to ignore the dust in your shot.

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