Bob Snow the dog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your majesty Bob-Snow

Another evening at my buddy Spencer’s, so I figured I’d toss up another picture of his cute ol’ dog Bob Snow. This time, from the front.

Dogs are great. We all know this. They are so fun to photograph in just about any instance in which they aren’t attacking me.

A handy thing I picked up on when photographing Animals is to try your best to get down to eye level with them. Same tends to work with little kids. While a high angle may work well for selfies and the like, it’s less effective when your subject isn’t putting effort into all the subtle nuances of manipulating their position to make the most of a flattering angle. You’re better off just getting eye level with them. Something to remember when you’re taking a shot of your kid or pet. Take a picture of them while you’re standing, and then squat down and take a picture directly. You’ll probably like the results.

I got this one with my 85mm shooting at 1/80 with an f2.8 aperture. ISO was 500.

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