CN Tower seen through the skywalk

Just… a lot going on here

Today was quite the adventure. One of my flashes is no longer functioning properly, likely due to being dropped. When pressing the zoom button, what once would cause the flash to zoom now made it click a bit and then change the zoom measurement to “–” on the display. Obviously not the desire result.

Options included sending it to Nikon for repair (Probably over a hundred bucks), accepting my fate and no longer using it to zoom (free), or taking it apart myself and trying to see if I could fix it (death by electrocution).

I decided I’d take the least safe route, but at least try to be a bit safe about it. That means getting a resistor to discharge the flash capacitor so that I wouldn’t electrocute myself. I ended up wandering to Active Surplus downtown to browse their vast resistor selection, and get something that should be more than enough for my needs. A great shop for many electronic needs.

As I walked towards the streetcars, I happened to see a bearded guy in a fez, and remembered that it’s Comicon this weekend. I followed him to the venue to check it out, and it was really strange seeing so many people that basically would have been me and my friends back in high school. I didn’t bother going in, since it was insanely crowded, but seeing a few people in really well made Master Chief and Storm Trooper costumes gave me an idea that I might try and go back to get tomorrow. We’ll see.

In any case, I decided to walk back to the subway via the Skywalk, and noticed one lone horribly decayed panel on the ceiling. That combined with the lines and the CN Tower being demoted to a background object caught my eye, so here we are.

This was taken with my 50mm lens shooting at 1/400 of a second with an f4.5 aperture and ISO 400.

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