Stormtrooper reading a text message

They blew it up?!

I went back to Comicon with a friend today to check out the booths, looks at costumes, and try to hunt down some Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics for my girlfriend. There were a lot of neat costumes that a lot of people have put a great amount of effort into, and while I would have loved to take pictures, the lighting in there wasn’t doing any favours, and it seemed like everyone did the same kind of generic posing that just holds absolutely no interest to me.

I guess the issue is that I don’t really care about getting a snapshot, and these people, nice as they are, aren’t there to accommodate my whims and desires of what I want for a picture. I did ask this one gentleman in a Scout Trooper outfit to a specific task for me though, because it was quick and easy. The concept was just simply that Stormtroopers, proliferated throughout the galaxy, for the most part probably have some free time and don’t make quite enough money in the army to provide for their entire family. I mean, they can’t ALL be on Deathstar/crush the rebels duty. I like to think that to help make ends meet, some Stormtroopers also moonlight doing things like mall security. One such trooper is Glen here, who just got a text from his buddy saying that the Death Star was blown up. Sure, that’s several sectors away, but still… he probably knew at least a few people on there.

This is spawning a bunch of concept ideas of memorable or notable figures in fiction being portrayed in manners we normally wouldn’t see. Like Superman sitting in a lounger drinking a green kryptonite martini in order to properly feel pain before he tries to numb it, or other such somewhat grim things. I think next time there’s a convention going on, I might have to consider just chatting with people that have great costumes briefly about the idea, and try to organize something after the fact.

I grabbed this in a dim convention hall with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 1/60 and f2.8 with an ISO of 1000.

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  1. This is definitely one of my favourites. The pose and garbage can are so human.

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