Prism Light

Diamond Light

Today’s shot was a bit of an experiment with a glass diamond paperweight that was given to me as a gift a number of years ago. I wanted to see how I can use it to achieve some sort of effect with its numerous facets. I wondered if I could look through the top of the diamond with the lens and focus in on the objects that it was reflecting. Vahida had a little bit of a different idea and wondered about how the diamond would reflect light. This lead me to do a bit of trial and error with different objects in the background, and attempts at shining light through to see if there was any effect.

For this picture, I held up the glass diamond up to our sultan lamp because of its combination of blue and yellow light. I focused on itself the glass diamond itself, with a macro setup to get the detail of the facets with the different light reflections. Out of the shots I took, this is the one I like the best because of how simple it is.

Glass Prism

Glass Diamond

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens on extension tubes, shooting at 1/60, F9, with an ISO setting of 1600. Today was an overcast day and a bit chilly.

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