Water droplet on a needle

It’s a slippery slope.

My ongoing experimentation with water droplets/beads finally reached a point where I decided that I needed more precision. Spraying things, dabbing with a spoon, or even dropping with a syringe just wasn’t getting the result I was looking for. I want to try and get needle precision here. Thus, I need to get a needle.

Through a mix of dodging diabetes and remembering that as a gainfully employed 30 year old now is probably not the ideal time in my life to give heroin a shot, I was totally ill prepared on where or how to go about acquiring a needle, since the requirement has never really come up. I was told to try a pharmacy, so I walked down the street and asked the nice young lady at the counter if I could buy a needle. She asked me what type of insulin I needed with it, to which I very unsuspiciously smiled and shook my head, making sure never to break eye contact so as not to give off an impression of ill repute. Her confusion gave off the notion that my attempt to inspire legal and logical implications was not self evident, so I quickly threw together a disjointed series of half-sentences trying to convey that I had no intent of wrongdoing, I merely did photographic things, and needed a means to make small beads of water to put on things.

It wasn’t nearly that smooth or coherent, but it seemed to placate her, and she asked the other pharmacist what needle would be best to just sell on its own. He then asked what I kind I needed, to which I deftly responded “Oh I don’t care, as long as it can squirt out liquid in controlled volumes”, once again somehow refusing to consider the notion that neither of these people have been in my apartment watching me repeatedly experience situations where having a needle would allow me to make precise water beads, and thus have no context for my increasingly suspicious request.

After asking a third person about the pricing of a needle when purchased on its own (You know, without the important medicine that would comfortingly partner up with such a purpose by a normal law abiding person), it was clear to me that this was not a common occurrence at all, and this situation would be quite memorable. Even though I was doing nothing wrong here, I started to get a bit paranoid too, so I decided to buy a KitKat bar as well, figuring that a heroin junky would be spending all his money on heroin, and not buying frivolous things like a KitKat. Clearly I must be totally on the straight and narrow, and with this bold tactic will simply be remembered by these people as “The KitKat guy” instead of “That guy than asked for a needle without anything else to go with it”.

So now I have a needle that’s meant to only be used with a specific type of insulin, and I’m going to use it with water instead, as rule breakers would be prone to doing.

This shot is an example of the very kind of water I’ll be using with the needle, along with the end of the needle I’ll be using with water. I can now walk into the pharmacy and show them this picture while saying “See? I’m totally on the level. Also I need another one because I feel more comfortable if I have one water needle and one glycerin needle. You know how it is.”

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/10 of a second at f18 and ISO 800. I was just using the ceiling lights in the dining area, though you can also see my kitchen light in the top left of the droplet.

One thought on “March 29 – Jamie

  1. Oh my gosh this is funny. Just think of the staff who will sit around the dinner table telling their family about you and your Kit Kat … I mean … needle.

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