Three beads of water on a tulip

This almost looks planned.

Though I will refrain from going around saying it, this first experience makes me believe that everyone should own a needle. Look at what you can do with it!

When you are able to make beads of water at such a small controlled scale, they behave so much differently. They stick in places they should drip. They retain their globular shape. They look neat!

I dabbed three precise beads on one of Lauren’s tulips and then just held my flash above them with a Mag Bounce attached to soften things a bit.

This light allowed me to put my camera on a tripod and shoot at 1/80 and f20 with an ISO of 100. I used my 90mm macro lens to get so close. There was no real reason to be shooting 1/80 vs 1/250, as there was no ambient light coming in either way.

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