Geese and a duck taking flight

Goose goose duck

I like that there is one lone duck in this flock, as I imagine it thinking “Wait a minute, how did this happen? Where is everyone?”

It reminds me of the times I’ve been walking down the street with people and I’ll get distracted. After being zoned out for however long something will come to mind, and I’ll turn to start talking about it, only to be making eye contact with some grumpy old fruit vendor or something.

I’m sure birds don’t function quite the same way, but I still like the thought of this bird consciously trying to play it cool, and figure out how to casually disengage from this group.

I caught this moment of awkwardness using my 150-600mm lens zoomed to 210mm, shooting at 1/400 and f8 with an ISO of 100.

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