April 30 – Chuck

Another month down. I will say, this project now has become more of a habit. There are days when I am a little strapped to get something new or all that great, but building and digging into the archive has really helped things. I can say that after 4 months, I am enjoying it and […]

April 30 – Jamie

I have an older brother and he’s a pretty swell guy. I haven’t seen him in a bit over three years, on account of him living in Seattle and me living in Toronto. In addition to that, he decided a year ago that he was going to go on an adventure for a year and just […]

April 29 – Chuck

I recommend clicking to see a bigger version. Today’s shot is the panoramic one I mentioned yesterday. When Vahida and I were out for our walk, I did a handheld series of photos to stitch together and see if I could get a panoramic shot. Luckily, I was steady enough to make it work pretty […]

April 29 – Jamie

Now that the weather is warming up, insects are no longer hiding away in the dark recesses of wherever. I decided to take a bit of time today to wander around the yard and look for some interesting things. Much to my delight, I noticed a cute little spider hanging out in the apple tree. […]

April 28 – Jamie

What we have here is a Night Train Millipede. I hate millipedes, but luckily I only hate them when they’re moving. This guy was already coiled up when I found him, and remained so during the entirety of our stay together. I really appreciated it. I later on learned that when these things coil up, […]

April 28 – Chuck

Lightroom has been harassing me to update for a few days now, and tonight I finally decided I would let it do its thing. What I didn’t know days ago, was that in the update has new features to be able to do panoramic photo merges, and HDR shots right within Lightroom. Previously, I would have […]

April 27 – Jamie

On my first night in Vancouver I decided to wander around a little bit on a search for pictures. Turns out my hotel was right beside the library! I looked out my window and saw this sign, so I decided to go grab a picture of it at ground level. This was shot with my […]

April 26 – Jamie

My brother came into Canada last night after a year long journey around the world mixing adventure and coding. He is currently passed out on a couch, giving me time to sort through some backlog of images from my trip out west. Here is a shot of some boats in the fog. I took these […]