Redwing Blackbird

It may be trying to mate with me.

According to my research, this bird is either defending its territory, or trying to seduce some ladybirds. Apparently this gesture and call is used for both activities, which is just asking for miscommunication to happen.

Redwing Blackbirds are one of my mom’s favourite birds. I had to be out of the apartment this afternoon for a viewing, and figured I’d try to get some pictures in the park while the sun was going down. While I’ve seen a couple over the winter months, all in all, the RWBB situation was pretty dull. It seems however, that they are back in town, as I could hear many of them calling each other throughout the marsh. I would spot one in a tree, go “Ooh! Look at that!” and run off to get a shot of it. Then I’d see one in another tree even lower and do the same routine. This happened four or five times until the light was vanishing, and the birds couldn’t get very much lower.

I was hoping to go back a bit later on to get a “happier” and brighter shot, but it seems Chuck also posted a Redwing Blackbird today, so we may already be at quota here.

I observed this guy trying to seduce me through my 150-600mm lens, zoomed in to a healthy 600mm. I was shooting at 1/100 of a second an f6.3, with an ISO of 800.

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