Woman walking up a hill.

Kate Bush had opinions on this.

I was hoping to revisit High Park with light on my side today, but things became overcast with light showers by the time I was done work. As I walked back towards the apartment, I figured I’d crack out my 85mm in case a good ol’ impromptu opportunity came up.

Fact confirmed about myself: I am way too nervous and apprehensive to just take pictures of strangers, likely based on the fear of having to explain to someone why I just took a picture of them. This can be curtailed if I’m doing a quick snap while retaining discretion, although then it makes me just seem like even more of a weirdo.  Ah well, we can think of that as an objective.

While looking across the street, I found this interesting, and took a picture of it. As I’m known to do from time to time.

I got this with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/250 and f4, with an ISO of 200.

2 thoughts on “April 2 – Jamie

  1. Wow. Looking at the closeup, she’s carrying a huge bouquet of flowers. It makes me wonder who the flowers are for.

    • It’s always interesting taking a snapshot or glance at a person and realizing that there is this entire other world of history, activity, tragedy, and joy that at least up to this point, has never had anything to do with you.

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