Light brown bunny

I’ve definitely been spotted

I didn’t really notice rabbits until I was in grade 12. I mean I knew what they were, and even had some stuffed ones, but as far as actually seeing or dealing with live ones, my experience was limited to maybe a friend’s house or something.

I don’t know if it was because I started biking around at night in certain areas, or because suddenly the rabbit population of Burlington started breeding like some sort of animal with mannerisms one would equate to “promiscuous” if applying human traits to them, but either way, I was starting to see them everywhere.

Because I wasn’t used to it up to that point, I was quickly fascinated. My first few nights of seeing them in the grass along the streets caused me to stop my bike, sit down on the sidewalk, and just stare at them for a while. They flourished very much on a path I took home from work at my first kitchen job, and would always cheer me up. It got to a point where any time I would see a rabbit in the “wild” (Those lawless suburbs…), it made me feel happy, like things were going to go well. Not in a superstitious sense of expecting luck or good fortune to just fall into my lap. Just a sense of optimism and forgetting about any bad stuff.

Nanaimo is rife with rabbits, all around the city. Toronto not so much.

This guy was getting suspicious of me as I took a picture of him with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f8 with an ISO of 200.  The sun had just gone over the horizon to reduce any harsh lighting.

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