Sneaky Sneakers

Sneaky Sneakers

I am going with this whole purple theme as of late, but that is pretty much because the tissue paper that I taped onto the glass table is still there, which makes my life easier. Today’s shot is one that I took on Friday when Vahida bought me my new shoes. I debated which shot I was going to post on Friday, and decided that this one would be best saved for today.

When I setup this shot, I realized that the double reflection on the glass is something to do with the glass itself, not the lighting. The only reason why I think this could be happening, is because of the thickness of the glass. That is good news for me because I don’t have to struggle with trying to remove it. It is just one of the facts of life and you know, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…the facts of life, the facts of life.

This shot had a total of three flashes – two for the main left/right light and one for the pink in the background. Since I don’t have gels, I used a transparent, red, plastic bowl that Vahida’s mom gave us and flashed through it to cast a pink/red glow.

I used my Canon 7D Mark 1 with a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens at 39mm, shooting at 1/100, F13,with an ISO setting of 100. The temperature on Friday was great, unlike today which was a little colder and welcomed back winter.


One thought on “April 5 – Chuck

  1. Yeah, transparent glass will have two surfaces creating reflection. The top side that the subject is sitting on, and the bottom side of the glass. Thickness will impact how misaligned the two reflections are. I use opaque plexiglass if I want a reflection of the subject, though the benefit of lighting from underneath will be lost. You could also grab a slab of polished granite from Home Depot, or get a sheet of clear nylon, or the wrapping stuff they use at florists, and lay that on top of some coloured bristol board, to vary the colours.

    Nice part about that last option is that you can lay a fresh one each time and not worry about scratches or dust accumulation.

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