Lady Cardinal in flight

Farewell sweet prince

Welp, I finally managed to sell my 80-200mm lens.

Today started with the intent of selling a pair of headphones, and I got an email mid-afternoon from a fella saying that he was in my neighbourhood this evening and would like to pick up the lens I had posted.  Sweet! Double sale day!

But bearing in mind that I was dealing with people via Kijiji, it was much more likely to end up as a double letdown day.

Sure enough, the gentleman that wanted my headphones never showed. After waiting an extra half hour, I headed home to make the window for the potential lens sale. To my delight, the guy had shown up just as I got off the subway, so as soon as I got home I grabbed it and let him try it out. He ended up taking it, which has added a decent amount of coin towards my Washing Machine fund.

I’ve decided to hold off on my planned shot for today, and instead post something from late February, as it was one of the last shots I ever took with that lens. While viewing, I suggest having one of the following songs playing in the background.

This was taken with my stalwart 80-200mm lens, firing off at 1/2000 of a second with an f6.3 aperture and ISO 800. May your new owner get even more out of you than I did.

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