The moon


I said I’d try it again, so I tried it again. This time, unlike last time, I had the convenience of an insane 150-600 megazoom at my disposal. That said, I know I can do better, so there will be at least one more try this year.

The reason I know I can do better is because this was basically a snapshot taken while walking down the road in High Park. There was a lot of air traffic, so I was really hoping I could get another clearer shot of a plane or bird going by the moon, but nothing panned out.

Aside from the plane that went directly across the moon, which Lauren pointed out to me just too late for me to react… Damn my human arms.

In any case, NEXT time we’ve got a full moon going, I’ll probably try to go out in a field with a tripod or something… we’ll see.

This was shot by hand, using my 150-600mm lens. I was shooting at 1/500 of a second with an f8 aperture and ISO 800. I was zoomed all the way in to 600mm

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