Rain drops on a window

Why does Snoop Dog always carry an umbrella? Fo Drizzle.

I knew I would be busy tonight attending a code meet up about the Image Magick command line tool that a dude had optimized for ideal image compression for viewing on mobile devices. It’s a pretty cool algorithm, and apparently he’s in talks with WordPress to get it set up as a plugin and potentially a core feature down the road. That’s pretty cool. Essentially it means people viewing websites on their phones will be able to load pages faster, and use less data. I may end up using it for optimizing images for work, as well.

Knowing that would tie up most of my night, I figured I’d grab something at work. There is an odd architectural window decision in the new PATH extension by York Street towards the Skywalk, and I was hoping to take a shot of that, but the mix of flourescent and strong daylight was too much for my phone to handle, so I’ll probably have to revisit that with my big rig.  I noticed that the late afternoon light was playing some neat tricks on the buildings across from my office, and made for an interesting out of focus background. Upon getting home I found out my girlfriend posted something very similar to her instagram today, so now it looks like I’m just copying her. Ah well.

I used my Lumia 1020 to get this, which has a focal length of 25mm, and an aperture of f2.2.  It was shot at 1/30 of a second, using 100 ISO

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