Grackle glaring at a Redwing Blackbird

Hey fatty, I’m a bit busy here.

My girlfriend’s parents have a bird feeder that is very specifically catered to small birds.  It has all kinds of anti-squirrel countermeasures so they can’t even reach it, and then the perch is loosened in a way that enough weight will lower it down and close access to the seeds.

Grackles are slightly larger than most blackbirds, and after a bit of trial and error, have tenuously grasped how to extract seeds from the feeder. It is a delicate dance that can only be performed one bird at a time, in which they perch with as much weight behind them as possible, so as so just offset the lower feeder slightly, rather than drop it straight down. I was watching them take turns getting seeds out, when a Redwing Blackbird figured he would hop on as well to get some seeds. The Grackle was less than thrilled, and gave some stinkeye accordingly.

That said, after looking through most of my shots, stinkeye seems to be a default for Grackles. They look perpetually ticked off.

Summer is the on season for Grackles in this province, so I anticipate I will be seeing more of them about. I’ll hopefully be able to capture them with a bit more dignity than trying to outsmart a bid feeder with difficulty, or eating trash outside the Skydome.

This pleasant exchange was caught with my 70-200mm lens, shoowing at 1/800 with an f4 aperture and ISO 800.

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