Blue rose in a water drop

I’m not waiting another months for flowers.

As Chuck noted in today’s post, we set up a bit of a studio environment in his apartment and chugged out a good 5 hours or so of picture taking. Said 5 hours revolved almost exclusively in trying to drip water and capture it, or put droplets on things and take pictures of that.

Upon close inspection of my droplet pictures, it would appear that even when trying to use my strobes to freeze the action, even they aren’t firing fast enough to stop a water drop at 1:1 magnification. It’s safe to say that the only way I will be satisfied with my water drop pictures will be if I drop a couple grand on studio strobes, since that is calm and rational logic.

For the foreseeable future though, I will settle with not being fully satisfied, as partial satisfaction is pretty sweet too.

I’ll talk more about water drops when I post the related pictures, though. For now we can talk about my water bead shots.

…I don’t have much to say about my water bead shots. I’m using tapwater instead of a sugar-water or glycerine-water mix, and just putting down the beads to small and fine that they retain a spherical shape, as they aren’t as weighed down by the harsh realities of gravity. Then I hit the rose in the background with a magmodded flash from above.

This was achieved with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/200 and f20, with an ISO of 100

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