Water drop with yellow light

Could almost pass for a marble

It is dark and I am burnt.

I am not able to think of much else right now, as that just keeps running through my head.

It is dark because it’s 9:30 pm. I am burnt because the weather had been dreary enough the past several weeks that I was always bundled up. Because of that, since today was such a beauty, I went for a short stroll that turned in to a long stroll that turned into a full afternoon in the park. The results of which are going to leave me spending the next several days just sorting photos.

It started simple enough with an orchid festival in Scarborough. Chuck and I took a drive over and basked in the many different variations of orchid on display. Here’s a neat one. When I got home I transferred the couple hundred shots, and then figured I would cash in on the beautiful day and go for a stroll with my megazoom. This is the aforementioned short stroll that yielded a decent amount of headwarmth and pictures. I got home and transferred them, and then decided to play around with the orchid I bought today while there was some good window light, and some strobes.

Upon transferring those, I realized I have a very hefty backlog to work through now, and it will be past midnight before I’m even done culling the first run of shots. Because of that, I’m already cashing in on the stockpile I made yesterday. Here is a water drop. It dropped into the water, bounced out, and is about to hit the water again.

This was shot with my 90mm macro lens, using a 1/200 exposure time at f11 and ISO 250. I had strobes on each side, one with a red gel and mag sphere, the other with a yellow gel and bare flash.

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