Man smoking and skateboarding

Man… so cool!

I don’t know why I would take the concept of being in a new and different city as a good opportunity to wander around and do some street photography, but here we are. As I find gaps between meetings, liftoffs, launches, and lunches, I’m going to try and wander around and find some street related imagery while dodging raindrops. Luckily my hotel was kind enough to include an umbrella. I just need to try and find the $50 price tag on it before taking it out.

My current hotel room is across the street from a library, so I decided to wander out and look at it. While doing so, there was a guy skateboarding by, so I decided to grab a shot. There were actually a surprising amount of people out skateboarding last night.

I took this with my 24-70mm lens shooting at 1/25 of a second, f2.8, and ISO 1600.

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