Oh hi there!

Now that the weather is warming up, insects are no longer hiding away in the dark recesses of wherever. I decided to take a bit of time today to wander around the yard and look for some interesting things. Much to my delight, I noticed a cute little spider hanging out in the apple tree. After a bit of waiting, it finally stepped out of its nook, and let me take a few glamour shots.

Spiders generally creep me out, and I’m the kind of guy where if I think a spider is crawling on me I will smack and swat at myself as I run around swearing trying to get my clothing off so I can burn it. That said, spiders are absolutely awesome and I wish them long fulfilling lives of eating other bugs that are less awesome. I just need them to do that without touching me whenever possible.

I got this with my 90mm macro lens shooting at 1/250 and f32 with an ISO of 100. I held my strobe right over the lens with a magbounce diffuser attached.

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