May 31 – Chuck

Vahida doesn’t know why I leave my posts until the last minute every night, and it is a good question. I should start to post these earlier. Today was cold and rainy. We took a trip to the mall, and I brought my camera with in hopes that we could take a drive, but the […]

May 31 – Jamie

The good news is that we’re halfway through this train wreck of an idea. The not quite as good news is that I used up all of my ideas in the first three months. But the good news is that I’m pretty much moved into my new place, and there should be room for some […]

May 30 – Jamie

By the time I was 13 I had realized that these birds were called “Orioles” and not “Oreos”, but up until that point I had figured that Baltimore won the jackpot when it came to great team names and endorsements. I stumbled upon this guy while adventuring along the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto. A […]

May 30 – Chuck

Today was going to be a busy day since we were heading to the Halal Food Festival at the International Centre in Mississauga. Because of this, I decided to head out to the park this morning and see what was out and about. On Google Maps I noticed that there was what looked to be […]

May 29 – Chuck

Today after work, Vahida and I took a stroll to Kensington Market to visit a store called the Toronto Popcorn Company. Now Vahida loves popcorn, and upon hearing of this place, she instantly started making plans to go there. The store has a large variety of different popcorn flavours and you can either go there […]

Slow day at the pond. All those blasted Caspian Terns have been eating up the fishies. I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/500 and f6.3 with an ISO of 800

May 28 – Chuck

Vahida and I had a favourite band – The Script – and today they played a show in Toronto, which was really awesome. We found out about the concert pretty late, but thanks to StubHub we were able to get some decent tickets. They played an awesome set, and really had the crowd going. We […]

May 28 – Jamie

What that little guy? I’d worry about that little guy. I don’t know which school of hard knocks this chipmunk went to, but it graduated with honours from the way it flaunts around the park. It’s got no time for your cooing or your “awww”‘s. It’s busy eating… a worm? Kippered beef maybe? As a […]

May 27 – Chuck

There was a severe thunder storm warning that went into effect today and I got exciting thinking that will be the shot! It was meant to last well into the evening, and I hoped once the sun went down, the clouds would be rolling in and the light show would begin. Then without a drop […]

May 27 – Jamie

Going for something different today. Just an impromptu snapshot for an in the moment situation. There was a happy ol’ pup taking its owner for a walk in the park early in the morning, and the sunrise was causing a nice rimlight from the angle I was sitting. The dog looked back at me in […]