Two buildings

Hot side cold side

I went to a wildlife photography seminar hosted by Nikon, and thought I might as well commemorate that by posting a picture of two buildings.

Seriously though, I need to try and tone it back a bit. Getting burnt out here, less than halfway through the project. This is both an attempt to switch gears, diversify subject matter, and not spend quite so much time every day.

While walking home from the seminar, I noticed that two buildings side by side had very different colours to them, as the right one was in the shade, and the left one had the sunset reflecting off the windows of the right one to illuminate it in a different colour temperature. Then another one was additionally reflecting in the right one that got the direct sunset light as well. I thought “huh… neat” and continued towards the subway before changing my mind, and taking a picture to have an easy shot for a day. I need to be doing this more often.

I took this with my 85mm lens. While I would have liked to get a wider shot of this, the best gear is whatever you have on you at the time, and that’s all I had. I actually kind of like how it looks with this range, too. I shot at 1/250 of a second with an f4.5 aperture and ISO 200.

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