Crow blinking

Oh yeah, this will help their public image

BC crows and I have a relationship that is at times… tense. There was a summer a few years back where they were very offended by my presence, and opted to hunt me throughout the city during my entire stay. Unnerving as it was, the situation was pretty awesome. Since then I’ve tried to be extra nice to Ontario crows in hopes that good word of me would spread west and eventually things would be cool between us.

I think it worked out, since I wasn’t attacked in my recent trips, though I do feel I still get followed a fair bit. I’m happy to qualify it as healthy paranoia, but when I look out my hotel window and see this staring back at me in the rain, it makes me wonder…

A crow was out in the rain looking towards my any time I peeked out the window. I assume that is normal.

I got this with my 150-600mm lens shooting at 1/250 and f6.3, with an ISO of 1600.

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