Chipmunk eating something.

Are you trying to think of a the right word for this? It’s “Metal”

What that little guy? I’d worry about that little guy.

I don’t know which school of hard knocks this chipmunk went to, but it graduated with honours from the way it flaunts around the park. It’s got no time for your cooing or your “awww”‘s. It’s busy eating… a worm? Kippered beef maybe? As a man that consumes kippered beef from time to time, I wish I wasn’t having such trouble deciding between the two.

Point is, the thing in its hand was prey, and like all prey before, it fell to the wrath of this insatiable beast. Tread lightly.

I took this from a safe distance with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/250 and f6.3 with an ISO of 800. I was terrified the entire time.

One thought on “May 28 – Jamie

  1. Look at that snarky, half-closed little eye. And the claws — he ain’t no Santa Claus.

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