June 30 – Jamie

With a name like “groundhog”, one of the first places I would expect to find one of these things is in or on the ground. Imagine my surprise when I look up and see one staring at me from a tree. I mean¬†staring. Couldn’t take its eyes off me. The craziest part (Maybe? This could […]

June 29 – Jamie

While cropping this image for the front page view, I was reminded of a little photo collection I made last year of “stuff that look like butts”. It was just things like apples or tennis balls taken at “compromising” angles, but it got me some good giggles. I had thought that since I turned 30 […]

June 29 – Chuck

These bad boys Vahida and I discouvered in Turkey where there are served by street vendors all over the place. It is amazing to see them because there is just a guy with a huge mountain of them walking around. Today, we went to a store called Adonis and were happy to find them there! […]

June 28 – Jamie

This is another example of “things I didn’t notice until after the fact”. I took a close up picture of this orchid’s petals, only to realize that instead of being smooth, they actually have a bead-like texture to them. Wacky! I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/250 and f18 with an […]

June 28 – Chuck

Today Vahida and I found out that we are pretty great at baking, and terrible at decorating said baked goods. For kids Friday was the last day of school. This means that is it time for summer, and for some, the excitement of graduating. This was the case for one of my nieces on Vahida’s […]

June 27 – Jamie

Almost 6 whole months doing a photo project on the internet without a cat picture? Unacceptable. This is Trinity. She is old, cranky, drools, and makes me itchy and sniffly. She might make me less itchy and sniffly if I didn’t hug her and nuzzle up to her, but some things just can’t be helped. […]

June 27 – Chuck

Hey, today was miserable for weather so I didn’t chance the outdoors with my camera. Instead, here is another duck, because ducks are awesome. I took at Earl Bales park in Toronto. I took this with my Canon 7D ¬†with the Sigma 80-400mm lens shooting at 1/2000 of a second, F5.6 and ISO 500. Seriously, […]

June 26 – Chuck

I am totally posting this at 1:00am in the morning which means it is technically the next day, but you know what, screw technicalities, I had a busy night! This is a shot of one of the walkways at Brickworks and I thought it was kind of interesting. I took this with my Canon 7D […]

June 26 – Jamie

I don’t care what anyone says. The future is now, and I have the proof right here. There was a guy in the harbour getting around by blasting water behind him super hard. All I can do is look at my bike with contempt now, because aside from attaching some super soakers to the back, […]

June 25 – Jamie

I was photographing an event today, and it was in an area that had tungstens, fluorescents, and window lighting. Basically a colour balance nightmare. I found my way “backstage” behind the judging panel, and captured a shot of a judge at a different angle. Not one that would be usable for final output, but it […]