Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird

For the last little while Vahida and I have been talking a big talk about how we need to start exercising more. These conversation generally center around going to the gym in our building, which we have not been to yet together, but with the nice weather lately, it has changed to be about getting outside and taking a walk. On weekends we are rather good with this and when the sun it shining we make sure to get out for a nice weekend walk. On weekdays however, we tend to struggle.

Today though, we had determination. The plan was either gym or High Park and with the sun out, we decided to take the drive to the park and have a good walk after work. Once Vahida got home, we rushed to get out stuff together and headed out the door.

Now Jamie has had incredible luck at High Park with birds, so I thought I would try and see what kind of luck I could land. It would seem though that Sunnybrook and High Park share a common theme – the birds just are not around. The lake at High Park was almost barren save a flock of geese and the sky was not as active as I expected. I feel I am going to have to do some research into bird migration patterns and see if there is something going on right now that has caused things to tame down.

This little guy was munching away in the shrubs and I was able to get close enough for a nice few shots.

This was taken with my Canon 7D shooting at 1/640 of a second, F7.1 with an ISO of 640.

One thought on “June 3 – Chuck

  1. We don’t have much bird activity on Vancouver Island right now either. I think they’re sunning themselves way up north. Our best months are in the winter. Good luck!

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