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I discovered that photographing sports takes a lot of focus. When an interesting play happens (Which is of course, always the case with Burlington slow pitch softball), it can be easy to watch it unfold and then realize when it’s over that you should have been taking pictures. It’s a careful balance between love of the game and total detachment required to keep yourself in the zone.

Or maybe I’m just really easily distracted.

Either way, a bunch of my friends play in a league, and after many years I finally had the chance to watch a few games. Apparently they ended up being some of the more exciting ones they’ve ever had.

I snagged this shot of my friend Derek bolting for third with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/320, f5.6, and ISO 100.

2 thoughts on “June 4 – Jamie

  1. Wow, does your camera have an auto focus? Reminds me how much Kerby-dog loved watching that game.

    • It certainly does. Makes life a hella lot easier for action scenes. Interestingly enough I saw a man at the game. On the large side, bald, with black hair and a blue shirt. I recognized him because his son was in my league, and he was there for every game. I was never on his kids team, but I recognized him right away. Sure enough, his son was playing on the next field.

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