Raindrop on leaf

They that’s like the name of the blog!

Having plans for the evening getting spoiled by rain can make me grumpy, but at least I can be thankful that the rain started before I was halfway through said plans, since that would have left me standing in the streets being soaked.

One of the nice parts about rain though is that (at least so far) it eventually stops. And once it does, you have some time to wander around and get neat shots of things covered with drops of water. For some people that isn’t very interesting. For anyone that’s seen all of my shots, they’re probably super tired of it. But for everyone else, it can kinda look nice. I guess that’s the crowd I’m trying to cater to here.

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/100 and f13 with an ISO of 100. I was holding my flash over the lens, and had a magbounce attached.

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