Pink orchid

See? I can appreciate pink things.

This is Hobart. I bought him at an orchid show that Chuck and I went to. We had taken and submitted a few pictures for a contest, and the winners are supposed to be announced at the end of this month. I’m hopeful, but not sure what to expect. The winner of the last two years is on the judging panel. I’m not sure if that means he isn’t submitting this year, or if the odds are heavily against me. Either way, I got Hobart, so no matter what I’m the true winner of this story.

I took this picture of him with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/20 of a second with an f10 aperture and ISO 500. I was using a tripod and light coming in from the window on the left, an a reflector on the right. This allowed for very soft lighting which set it apart from all the shots I had taken with flashes.

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