That "hang in there" kitty was a chump

That “hang in there” kitty was a chump

I’ve been wanting to get a birdfeeder for our front area so our yard will be considered the hip place for avians. Until I can get that set up though, I’ve been sprinkling some seeds and raisins on the fence when I walk by to get the word out. I assumed the squirrels would get all of it, but it’s worth a shot.

What I didn’t assume is that the ants would get at it, so I was quite surprised when I stepped out and saw a tiny and making off with a raisin that was bigger than it. It dragged and dragged until it got to the fence post, at which point I figured it would drop down to ground level. Nope! This tough cookie hauled the raising along the side of the post and kept trucking along the fence into another yard. This ant clearly lifts.

I am so glad dog-sized ants aren’t a thing.

I shot this with an iPhone 5c, which has a focal length equivalent of around 28mm. I shot at 1/1000, f2.4, and ISO 50. By which I mean the phone did, since it was all automatic.

One thought on “June 16 – Jamie

  1. Strong fella! Reminds me of that song, “High Hopes”, about an ant moving a rubber tree plant.

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