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I was photographing an event today, and it was in an area that had tungstens, fluorescents, and window lighting. Basically a colour balance nightmare.

I found my way “backstage” behind the judging panel, and captured a shot of a judge at a different angle. Not one that would be usable for final output, but it looked like it could be interesting to play with, so I kept it.

Once I got it into lightroom I realized that whatever had initially grabbed my attention must have been isolated to viewing on the back of the camera, because on my monitor I just kind of thought “What am I going to do with this?”

Still, the day comes to a close and I need a shot, so let’s play around! I did some level adjustment to brighten things, and then after giving up on colour, dropped the saturation down a bunch and added a light split toning, with a yellowish tone for the highlights and blue in the shadows. A common movie poster pairing. This is what ended up getting banged out.

I took this with my 70-200mm lens, shooting at 1/80, f4, and ISO 800.

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