Groundhog in a tree

I can’t wait to open an exhibit dedicated to animals looking at my angrily.

With a name like “groundhog”, one of the first places I would expect to find one of these things is in or on the ground. Imagine my surprise when I look up and see one staring at me from a tree. I mean staring. Couldn’t take its eyes off me. The craziest part (Maybe? This could be normal) is that I left for a good hour, and when I came by again it was still in there staring me down.

I got some pictures that looked a bit nicer than this one, but they were all inquisitive while this one is dripping with scorn. I’m going to have quite the angry animal collection when this is all over.

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/400 and f6.3 with an ISO of 800.

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