July 31 – Chuck

Sunshine and some nature is what it is all about. Today was my last day of work for a few weeks which means that Vahida and I are officially on vacation. Tonight was full of packing for our trip to Nakina, and then over to Halifax. This is a shot of some nature. Canon 7D, […]

July 31- Jamie

I’ve been having some foot troubles the past several weeks. It started with some new running shoes I bought, which confused me, as I got the exact same model type in the exact same size, just this year’s version with a different colour. I would have thought that to be enough for them to fit […]

July 30 – Chuck

The moon is awesome tonight and it needed a picture of it taken. I tried to get one as it was coming out of the clouds, but in my haste, I forgot that the clouds and the moon would be very different in terms of light and I would need to tripod something. Instead, here […]

July 30 – Jamie

I’m enjoying this macro rig, for sure. Or as the kids say, “fo sho”. I find that by being less fidgity and clumsy, insects are a lot less disturbed by me and willing to chill out as I slowly creep forward with my camera. Like this fly here. It saw me coming, but did it […]

July 29 – Chuck

Here is a hand very carefully placing droplets onto a flower. That hand belongs to Mr. Weir and is from back a few months when he was over and we were having a droplet shoot day. I took this with my Samsung phone shooting at 1/25 of a second, F2.2, and ISO 200. Today was […]

July 29 – Jamie

Taking my camera with me into Toronto is helping encourage my to pop out at lunch or after work to take a picture of something, which I’m liking. This is one of those things. I enjoyed how it’s kind of a pattern, but at the same time broken. The same thing in a different way. […]

July 28 – Jamie

I was having breakfast on the 5th floor, and noticed a construction worker standing at the corner of the new Union Station structure having a look around. Decided to take a shot of this small authoritative speck in a massive skyline. Upon review what struck me most about his picture is the chaos. All of […]

July 27 – Jamie

I tried a different approach to my macro rig in progress today, in hopes that it would offer some more stability. It is an improvement over the model I made yesterday, which was a drastic improvement over handheld, so I’m pleased so far. That said, there is still a fair amount of wobble with the […]

July 27 – Chuck

Yesterday when we were out at City Hall, there was a little entertainment going on, and this group were jamming out. It sounded pretty awesome. I will admit, what the city set up out there is pretty good and it looked well put together. Samsung NX3000, 1/250 of a second, F7.1, ISO 100. Today was […]