There was a FIREWORK! (A little Willem Dafoe reference for you there)

Sometimes the skies get a little nuts. Unfortunately, it happens so infrequently that it can be a very difficult thing to practice for. This was actually my first time being around fireworks with a camera I could control.

More fireworks

Reference photo: The first time I was around fireworks with a camera at all. July 26, 2003 Not pictured: My hemp necklace

I remember when I first played around with fireworks and an old Canon Powershot, I realized that since it was so dark the camera would automatically keep the shutter open for a few seconds to try and let in as much light as possible. Further experimentation and playing around allowed me to make all kinds of fun patterns with the different roman candles.

That was about as far as my skill set and understanding stretched for about 12 years.

Last night though, I had my camera with me, and there were fireworks going on! Unfortunately, something I was able to deduce via general understanding of photography by this point is that a tripod is really really handy for this kind of thing. Even with a wide angle, holding a camera for 2 seconds isn’t going to result in steady things. The bright side though, is that a fair amount of explosions area already just shooting around, and make jitter hard to notice. With that I present some of my favourite booms from last night.

These were taken with my 24-70mm lens, shooting at 2 seconds with an f5.6 aperture and ISO of 100. I set for a multiple shot sequence and then combined the ones I liked most.

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