Carbon block


While lurking about in my girlfriend’s workshop, I noticed some blocks of carbon that looked really interesting. She uses them when she is soldering as they will cause the heat from the torch to be absorbed instead of burn down our house, but they also radiate heat back onto her work to help the solder flow in a way she needs it to. Pretty neat. Carbon blocks will decay at a faster rate than some other options out there, but said other options tend to either radiate too much heat back, or not enough, which doesn’t help her desired end result.

She had three blocks down there, each in a different state of wear. I liked the texture of the most worn one.

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1 second and f8 with an ISO of 100. I just used what little lighting was available in the basement, and plopped the camera on a tripod.

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