Girl looking out a window

She is probably thinking of Flo Rida, since that’s always the situation.

Veronica works in my department. I don’t know her official title, but given the fact that my official title is “Developer Analyst”, I don’t think knowing it would actually give much insight into what she does.

I guess I would describe her as our official “people person”. She meets everyone that joins the team, makes sure they have what they need, and makes sure they know who they need to know in order to get things done. She also makes sure the existing team members have what they need, and also facilitates what’s required to make sure everybody on the team has opportunities to expand and grow. While each of us has someone who is directly responsible for our work and outcomes, we also have Veronica sort of unofficially responsible for us (but sort of as one of her responsibilities I think)

Basically, she keeps our entire team happy and engaged. This is a pretty incredible feat, given how large our team is. I know that there are many other things she handles and coordinates that I am mostly oblivious to, so this description isn’t really doing it justice.

The point is, her job is to interact with and make a lot of people happy. Her delightful and upbeat personality makes her idea for that role.

This of course makes me feel a bit guilty, since I’m portraying her in a way that feels like an injustice towards all that I know to define her. Nevertheless, I made the picture, so I’m going to post it. I am very thankful that she was kind enough to take some time to pose for it on request.

I took this with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/125 and f2.5 with an ISO of 320 using overcast window light as my source.

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