Bug wing


While having dinner outside last night, I noticed a pair of wings on my shorts. Not what I could call a common event, but I’m pretty sure if it had happened prior to this year, I would have brushed them off. Instead, while in front of my girlfriend’s family, I surreptitiously scooped them up and slinked upstairs to save them for later.

By surreptitiously I mean blatantly. And by slinked, I mean Lauren said “What are you doing?”, and I blurted “NOTHING! WINGS! HOLD ON!” and ran away.

Either way, I had something to play with tonight.

Lesson 1: Tiny bug wings are small and light. When you breathe, they blow away and are lost forever. This was quickly discovered by way of the first wing, which I guess is somewhere on my floor.

Lesson 2: Tiny bug wings are fragile.

Lesson 3: I do not have a delicate, stable, or smooth touch. That these things even made it upstairs yesterday is a miracle.

Lesson 4: My office isn’t good for macro photography, as my standing near the camera will cause the floor to bend enough to shift focus. Further precision work may have to be done on the solid floor downstairs.

Due to some of these factors, my subjects didn’t last very long. In the midst of playing around with my light though, I caught an angle that made the wings sparkle and show off a golden tone I wasn’t aware existed in them.  Take THAT, 45º lighting!

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/13 of a second and f29 with an ISO of 640. I had a 4 bulb daylight(ish) flourescent light in a softbox shooting up from below and to the right.

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