Reflection in double paned glass

That’s a lotta face! (Somehow this will be taken as a cruel insult and I’ll get in trouble)

Normally double paned glass is a double pain in the ass. Trying to use it as a reflective surface will yield an offset double of your reflection, and trying to shoot an image of something through it will show the reflection of your camera in the outer pane, even when you’re pressed right up against it.

It turns out though, I found a bit of an interesting use for it when using it as the actual subject. I mean sure, it’s still a reflection of something else in the glass that I’m focusing on, but in this instance the reflection is the entire subject instead of just one facet of the image.

Aside from adding some neat haze and colour tones without use of any filters, my angle caused the level of offset to be great enough that it separated the subject into looking like two separate people instead of just a slightly distorted version of one person.

Just something different, you know?

This was taken with my 85mm lens, shooting at 1/125 and f4, with an ISO of 100.

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