Droplets on orchids

Drip drip drip

I was holding off on a few orchid shots because I submitted them in a contest, and wanted to wait on the results. This one ended up winning a distinction award, and got me a nice point and shoot camera prize as a result (Donated to girlfriend). They liked the different take from all the other submissions of having the subject in the droplets, instead of be the main focus itself (Something I’m now sick of, and consider played out).

This is the second time I’ve managed to get a prize for trying something different from what I saw others around me doing, so that kinda feels nice, but next year I want to try and win one of the top prizes for orchid pictures specifically. I ran out of time this year, as I had an impromptu business trip to Vancouver that lasted until the end of the submission period, but next year I’ll hopefully be able to take the time to find an optimal subject, and compose something that really stands out.

I took this with my 90mm macro lens, shooting at 1/200 and f18 with an ISO of 100. There was a flash to the left with a magbounce attached, and the beads were added with an insulin needle. It took several attempts, this orchid was basically hydrophobic.

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