Rimlighting of cologne bottles

Well that didn’t work

Celebrate failure! That’s what my boss always says.

…Hopefully not exclusively while I’m around.

I figure I’ve put too much money and not enough time into my home studio, so it’s time to fix up the ratio. Today’s project was a neat and imposing shot of 3 of my favourite Creed colognes. The fact that I not only have three favourites, but also had to specify that this is just regarding those in the Creed line reminds me that I make weird life choices.

In any case, I figured I would use my constant lights (fluorescent bulbs instead of strobes) for this since the subject wouldn’t be moving around that much.

Unfortunately, my desire for a head on wide angle shot to portray oomph and authority of the bottles meant that the writing on said bottles was very difficult to illuminate. Light coming to the subject from an angle will reflect away and not make it into the lens, so I had to sandwich the camera right between the lights pointing head-on to get. This spilled a lot of light onto the background, the texture of glass on the bottle was getting wonky, yadda yadda, it didn’t work out.

Luckily I at least took a shot for each step in adding lighting. Prior to the step where everything fell apart, I added some rim light. Of the batch, this ended up being the most inoffensive of the lot, so that will be today’s shot. I’ll need to revisit this. Likely shoot each bottle separately. We’ll see.

I shot this with my 24-70mm lens, using a 1/60 and f11 at ISO 100. There was one softbox from behind the subjects.

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