A friend of mine mentioned me on a Facebook photo of a butterfly complimented with a Simpsons quote.

I’m not sure if she was drawing my attention to the picture because I’d like it, or mentioning me in reference to the quote because I was a fitting person to want to be reincarnated as a butterfly to wreak havoc upon this world, as no one would ever suspect a butterfly.

Neither answer is wrong in this situation, but either way the result was me claiming I would get a butterfly picture. Here I am with a speedy turnaround. There are a lot of Pieris Oleracea in the area, but those are like… the house sparrows of butterflies. I had to at least get a Monarch (The American Robins of butterflies).

My debt is officially settled.

I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/800 and f9 with an ISO of 640.

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