Chuck in a droplet

His head is normally less globe-like

I’m exhausted, and getting to a point where it would be more newsworthy to say I’m not.  I’m still on a conference for work as I type this, due to an end of day emergency. In light of not expecting to be able to go and take anything today, here’s a shot from April when Chuck and I did a bunch of different macro experiments at his apartment.

I figured I could get a different style portrait.

I’ve found that since moving, it’s felt a lot more difficult to find content. This might also just be because I spent the first half of the year exhausting all my ideas. It might also just be in my head. In any case, the move coincided with being given a new role at work, while still needing to maintain my old one. That in addition to a long commute makes me feel like I’m taking a lot less pictures.

That said, these are all just a series of excuses because I’m letting them be excuses. So here’s hoping I can keep at it. Maybe I’ll hang around in Toronto tomorrow evening to try and find some stuff.

I’ve also been wanting to do a bit of a midyear retrospective. Thoughts on how it’s gone. What’s been good, what’s been bad, some statistics, etc. I’ll try to get on that, since it’s past the midyear point.

In any case, here’s Chuck.

I took this with my 90mm Macro lens, shooting at 1/200 and f16 with an ISO of 200. I lit him with a strobe and Magbounce.

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