Building interior

That’s a lot of lines

I brought my camera and just a 50mm lens into the office today so I could walk around downtown after work and just see what pops up. It’s nice to be restricted sometimes, as you don’t have to mess around with indecision, and you end up with something you may not have had if you picked the lens you would have by default. It also means you might miss out on some things by not being able to get wide or close enough, but part of the enjoyment can be finding ways to work around those obstacles.

Also it weighs pretty much nothing, which makes it super comfortable to carry around.

I was on my way back to the train station when I saw this building across the street, and doubled back to get a shot from inside. The architect did the work for me here. I really dug the symmetry and line work throughout this lobby.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/100 and f8 with an ISO of 400.

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