Sunset through a grid

I’ve written a lot of captions this year

When I was young but not that young (read: old enough that it shouldn’t have been a thing) I was fascinated when I saw busses that had all their windows covered by some sort of advertisement. “It must be so dark and gloomy!” I declared. “How would one know when their stop is coming up?” I queried.

Upon getting into a bus with this style of accessory, my mind was further blown by the ability to see out, and there not being much of a noticeable difference from a decal-less bus.

I was in a bus with one of such decals, and though I’ve long since adapted to our crazy science, I still tend to stare at them with interest. Being later in the day, I was able to view the sunset through it, and figured it would make a neat shot. The more I played around though, the more appealing I found the image if I focused farther to the right, allowing the many specs of sunlight coming through the holes to expand into their rounded “bokeh“.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/200 and f9 with an ISO of 100

One thought on “July 24 – Jamie

  1. Gee, I’ve always wondered the same thing about those “painted” buses.

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