Golden Retriever

A noble and stalwart beast

This is Frisket, and he is so happy to meet you. Doesn’t matter if he’s met you hundreds of times before. Doesn’t matter if you’ve lived with him for a few years. Doesn’t matter if he’s never seen you before. If you step into his home, he will find you and be so happy to meet you. He will spin in circles a bit. Make sure you pet him a bit, and then sit by you as you keep petting him. This usually continues until someone else comes in or you stop petting him.

He’s getting to be oldballs now, but still scampers around with that intense energy any time a new presence is in his home. It’s pretty adorable.

I took him into the back yard to try and take some pictures, but it’s quite difficult to do solo. Setting him up for a shot requires him to sit still, which is generally impossible for me. In addition to that, I then need to get down to his level without making him super excited about a humanbeast doing something different from standing or sitting on the couch, which gets him all riled up. I’m pretty sure this was me sitting down with my hand pressed against his chest to keep him at bay, and then something in the window caught his attention for a moment.

He’s a great dog.

I took this with my 50mm lens, shooting at 1/200 and f2.8, with an ISO of 100

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