One quarter inch Bolt

This is super useful

What we have here is a 1/4″ diameter bolt with 20 threads per inch. This is a handy bold for folks like me, because it is what fits into the bottom of my camera, the bottom of my flash mounts, and the bottom of my Wireless receivers. I decided to pick it and a few of its friends up at Home Depot today, along with what is called a “Zinc Mending Plate”. Now, I have nothing that needs mending, but I do have a camera and a flash that are both needed for a lot of my macro photos, and no way to have them work together aside from holding the camera in one hand and the flash in the other.

My camera is heavy. One handed holding is not a great method for a steady shot.

My plan is to use the bolts to fasten one part of the plate to my camera via the tripod socket. Then fasten my flash to the other end with the tripod socket in my flash mount. Then instead of holding something in each hand, I have one slightly more cumbersome rig being held steadily in two hands. Ideally this will also allow for a consistent flash location over the lens, so I can just dial in my go-to macro settings and be off to the races!

Testing will happen over the coming weeks, with a possibility of needing a different modifier for the flash, as while the Magbounce has been handy, it’s heavy. That heaviness wasn’t much issue when being held in a hand, but it looks to be disrupting the balance of this rig a fair bit.

This was my first test using said rig, shot with my 90mm macro lens at 1/160 and f25 with an ISO of 100. I think my flash was around 1/16 or 1/8 power.

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