Shoes on a telephone wire

In this specific situation the shoes are a metaphor. Representative of my shoes.

I’ve been having some foot troubles the past several weeks. It started with some new running shoes I bought, which confused me, as I got the exact same model type in the exact same size, just this year’s version with a different colour. I would have thought that to be enough for them to fit and function like my prior well loved but smelly pair, yet my toes were feeling quite compressed and uncomfortable. Unfortunately my other walkin’ around shoes that were my fallback are now starting to feel tight at the toes as well.

There were two factors at play, it seems. The first is one that I’m finding new ways of coming to terms with every month, it seems. That is that everything seems to start decaying when you turn 30. There’s a likelihood that my feet are getting a bit wider as the firmness and tension that keeps all that stuff together down there slackens up. I’ve no doubt what I have going on is just phase one of a long and unpleasant future. The saddest part of all this stuff is that when you try and warn a 16 year old about eyebrow dandruff, they assume you’re trying to play some trick on them.

The other factor I discovered after an unpleasant walk yesterday was that while these new shoes may have the same size and model as the old ones, there is an additional value to my running shoes, and while my new ones have a D, the old ones had a 2E. Surprise surprise! The old shoes were wider, which explains why they aren’t awful.

Anyhow, this picture is currently what I feel like doing with my shoes. I took this with my 150-600mm lens, shooting at 1/1600 and f9 with an ISO of 640 because I’m crazy like that. Also if anyone wants a pair of Size 12 standard running shoes let me know.

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