August 31 – Jamie

This is steel shot. It’s a tumbling media used by jewellers to harden and smooth the surfaces of softer metals, such as silver and gold. The various sized and shaped pellets of steel are put into a canister with a small amount of water, a drop of soap, and a small or textured¬†piece of jewellery. […]

August 31 – Chuck

Hey, August is over and that is awesome. Today my niece and nephew started school again, and that is hilarious, but means that summer is coming to an end. Soon, we will come into the fall photography season and we will start to say goodbye to the green. I need to maximize on September, although […]

August 30 – Chuck

It was a nice day out today and Vahida and I wanted to get out to enjoy it a little bit. We decided we would take the subway to Lawrence Station, and then walk home from there. All in all, it would be just over a 7.5 km walk, and we thought on the way […]

August 30 – Jamie

This month sure flew by. While out for a stroll, I noticed a cluster of berries on a bush that were in various stages of… ripening? Ripeness? They were different colours. Said colours reminded me of peppers, and I decided to take a moment to try and get a picture of them. It was fairly […]

August 29 – Jamie

Haven’t done one of these in about 6 months. I went out for a walk today with Lauren and some of her family. Near the end of the stroll, I was thinking about the overcast white sky and the many different backgrounds around us by way of cityscape, treeline, bridges, and whatnot, and though I’d […]

August 28 – Jamie

While not the brilliant majesty of vibrance and pattern some sunsets may be, I thought it was pretty neat how the clouds were blocking the rays enough that you can actually see a V pattern of sunbeams stretching up from the horizon. ¬†I squatted down by some shrubbery on the beach to give some silhouettes […]

August 28 – Chuck

It’s Buskerfest here in the Toronto, and that means there are a lot of people in the downtown core watching street performers from around the world do some wacky – and often amazing things. Last night Vahida mentioned that she would like to go check out Buskerfest after work today, and since it is really […]

August 27 – Chuck

Fun fact: I would move out to a farm in a second. Maybe something like a ranch – that would be awesome. I love going out to farm country and taking a drive. This isn’t a shot I got today, but rather one I took in 2013 on my drive home from Nakina, but I […]